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The WestMark Group, LLC is a consulting and asset management firm with broad specialization in agriculture and agribusiness. The firm's consulting services emphasize agricultural finance, equity placements, debt restructures, agricultural investment strategy, and strategic planning.
The WestMark Group's clients have agricultural interests throughout the Western United States, South America, and the Far East. The firm represents institutional as well as individual clients who range in size from gross sales of less than $2 million to more than $100 million.
The firm has engaged in consulting assignments focusing on strategic analysis of California agribusiness, economic analysis, and research on behalf of institutional and agricultural clients. The firm has also arranged large and complex working capital, real estate, development, construction, and acquisition financings. Principals within the firm have served as court appointed receivers, arbitrators, and provide litigation support and expert testimony for major agribusiness matters in California.
Asset management activities are centered in the Coachella and San Joaquin Valleys of California. Some of the major agricultural products produced on the properties, which have been managed by the WestMark Group are table grapes, wine grapes, almonds, pistachios, kiwi, citrus, potatoes, alfalfa, sugar beets, carrots, tomatoes, garlic, cotton, apples, small grains, dairy and beef cattle.
To support its consulting and asset management services, the WestMark Group has developed and maintains a network of highly qualified individuals with varied expertise. The WestMark Group uses contractual arrangements with these individuals to add both resources and specialized expertise for the benefit of its clients. The areas of individual specialty include food processing, international and trade finance, strategic planning, computer and business systems, and statistical analysis.